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The Edges of Sea Water Desalination by Titanium Sheet

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-08-22 10:37

The main idea of this essay is about the advantages of Titanium sheet in sea water desalination:

1. The density of titanium is 4..51g/cm3, which is relatively low, while its specific strength comparatively high, give it an edge to other metals. Its density is higher than aluminum and lower than steel, copper and nickel, but specific strength is 3 times to stainless steel and 1.3 times to aluminum alloy.

2. The corrosion resistance of titanium is high. It is a very active metal and its reversal potential is low. In the transmission media, the inclination of thermodynamic corrosion is high. However, it is quite stable in many transmission media such as oxidation, weak-reduction and neutral transmission media, etc. Due to the fact that oxygen and titanium have a high affinity with each other, they always chemically react with each other in the air or the transmission media with oxygen in it. On the titanium surface forms a pyknic, highly-inert and strongly-adhesional oxidation film, which protect the titanium inside from corroding. Even if there is mechanical abrasion, it can self-heal. This indicates that titanium has a strong inclination of passivation. Under the temperature of 315within the transmission media, the property remains.

3. Titanium sheet is good at heat exchanging. Although its thermal conductivity coefficient cannot be matched with carbon steel and copper, with its excellent ability to resist corrosions and its own characteristics, the tube wall thickness can be reduced heavily and the way of heat exchange of the surface and steam is dropwise condensation, which reduce the thermal resistance. And the surface of titanium do not form scales, which is also good for heat resisting and improving the ability to exchange heat.

Titanium sheets are also heatproof. New type of titanium alloys can work under the condition of 600 in a rather long period.