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How to Inspect the Forging Quality

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-05-09 10:26

Quality inspection of forging as a very necessary link must be highly valued. If there is something wrong with the quality of forging, not only follow-up procedure, the quality of processing, the property of forging will be affected, but also the life of the forging will be shortened, even it will threaten the personal security of the user.

So this article will introduce about the inspection of forging and what should be paid attention to.

The inspection of forging mainly consists of two partsinternal part and external part.

Firstly the external part means mainly the external quality, including the figure of the forging, if the size is made according to the rules of draft, if there are defects on the surface, what nature of defect is is and the morphological characteristics of the defect.

The second step is internal inspection. The inspection of internal quality is very detailed, including chemical component of the forging, microscopic organization, macroscopic organization and project inspection in mechanical property. This part can’t be tested by the external figure.

The internal inspection of forging should make an inspection and analysis on the chemical component of important parts, key parts and large forgings. Generally the analysis and tests are made by chemical analysis or spectral analysis. However, fracture experiment is applied when inspecting structure steel, stainless steel with white spot, internal crack, lamellar structure or the problem of being too hot. Such as, when inspecting if the grain of copper, aluminum, magnesium etc. as alloys are even,  if there are some oxides mixed in it or if there are some defects like film defects, fracture experiment is applied.

However, the inspection of mechanics and processing property usually make figure measurement of the property by all kinds of instruments like impact test machine, fatigue test machine, tension test machine, hardmeter, endurance testing machine etc.

Then let’s talk about the penetrant inspection, this way not only can inspect the forging with magnetic materials, but also can inspect the surface defects with no magnetic material, such as crazing, folding, loosening etc. Usuallyfor forging of non-magnetic materials, this way can only inspect the surface defects and can’t find the defects underneath the surface.

Related insider also says, because the environmental factor for finished forging when the finished forging is in use is different, the manufacturing material and technological requirements of the forging are different, too. As for this, before the forging is inspected, the forging products should be classified and inspections should be made according to the range of using conditions and stress etc.


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