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Valve is one kind of common equipments, such as the water faucet or gas switch, they are one kind of valves, and they are also the most common and simple valve.



It has a lot of types, sizes and functions. Our company mainly produces and exports the gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, channel valve, etc.

In this article, we will give a brief introduction of valves’ character, installation and maintenance.

Valve is an equipment & device which is used to control the fluid system’s flow stress, direction and flux.

Valve’s main functions are diversion, throttling, shunt, overflow pressure relief, cut-off and flow stop.


Valve is composed of valve cover, opening and closing parts, and valve body. What we should pay attention when conduct the installation?

1.       Before install the valve, check whether the valve’s size, mode and design can satisfy the requirements.

2.       Check whether the valve’s shop instruction and size can applied on the requested conditions.

3.       When hanging the valve device, prohibit tight the rope on the hand wheel or the valve rod, in order to avoid the breakage. The rope can be fastened on the valve body and valve deck’s flange connection.

4.       When install the valve on the horizontal direction pipeline, the valve rod should be vertical to the pipeline, and prohibit the rod to be installed downward.

5.       When install the valve, in order to avoid the damage, prohibit to drag and trail the connection.

6.       On the moist underground, in order to avoid the valve rod to be rusted, you’d better not install the rising stem gate valve.


Here we’ll talk about the valve daily maintance:

1.       Valves should be stored in the dry and ventilative room, and block the both ends of the valve accesses.

2.       Do the daily inspection, clean away the surface dirt, and paint the anti-rust oil.

3.       After finish the installation, conduct the inspection, maintenance and necessary repairmen in a fixed period, this also contains the following aspects:

1). Valve sealing surface’s abrasion inspection.

2). Check the wear condition of the valve rod and its nut’s trapezoidal thread.

3). Whether the packing material is invalid, and does the necessary replacement.

4). After inspected the valve device, test its sealing property.

4.       The valve parts should be complete and in a good condition, the parts also include the flange, stand’s bolt and nondestructive thread, the loose is forbidden.

5.       The adjustable spanner can’t replace the hand wheel. If the hand wheel is missed, then you should equip it timely.

6.       The slanting packing gland or no preloaded gap condition is prohibited.

7.       If the device environment is easily to be polluted by the wind, snow and ice, or dust, then the valve rod should install the protection cover.

8.       Valve’s seal, blocks and start accessories should be complete and in a good condition. The valve’s scaleplate should also be clear, accurate and complete. The insulating clamp should have no flaws.

9.       When operating the valve, prohibit use the valve to support the heavy products, and strike the valve.



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