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The excellent characteristics of titanium forgings

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-27 10:56

Titanium forgings are more and more widely used, especially in the industry and chemical industry fields. Many manufacturers use the titanium’s excellent characteristics to fabricate the corresponding component. Here we can see the titanium industry still have a great potential space. This article will analyses the titanium forging’s excellent characteristics.

1. Titanium forgings have the high stress, its tensile strength is from 686 to 1176MPa, and its density is only about 60% of the steel.

2. Titanium forging’s high hardness- under annealed condition, its hardness is from 32 to 38.

3. Titanium forging’s property when it under the low and high temperatures. Under the low temperature, the titanium alloy stress will be higher than the normal temperature; it has excellent tenacity, and can maintain its good tenacity under subzero 253.

4. Titanium forging has low elasticity modulus, nearly half of the stainless steel and steel. Under the annealing condition, the titanium alloy’s elasticity modulus is 1.078×10 to 1.176×10MPa.

5. Titanium forging’s corrosion resistant property, below 550, the titanium surface will rapidly forms a thin and compact layer of oxide film. No matter in the sea water, sulfuric acid, atmosphere, nitric acid or any other oxidants, the titanium corrosion resistance is much better than the stainless steel.


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