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The characteristics of titanium plate

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-25 09:59

Shanghai HuaXia International Trading Company is a famous export company; it supplies the titanium product, such as the titanium plate. As is known to all, titanium plate is wildly used in our daily life, the most important reason is that it has its own unique characteristics, this also helps it to be an important material in the industry production.

This article mainly analyses titanium plate’s characteristics.

First, the titanium plate’s surface can forms a thin and compact layer of oxide film, this is also like one kind of durable & wear-resistant separating medium. So the use of titanium plate can save the separating medium, this also makes the counter electrode to be easily peeled off. Meanwhile, the titanium plate’s weight can be nearly half light than the copper plate.

Second, the titanium plate’s service life is very long, and under the operation condition, it can also be used for 10~20years which is three times life cycle than the copper plate.

Third, the electrolytic copper crystal which is made by the titanium plate has the flat and smooth surface, compact organization structure, and high quality.

Fourth, because the oxide film of the titanium plate’s surface doesn’t need the separating medium, meanwhile, this also avoids the pollution which is produced by the copper electrolyte.

Fifth, the use of titanium plate not only increases the production ability, but also save the cathode copper’s production cost. So the titanium plate has good economic benefit.

In a word, the above points can help us to learn the titanium plate’s good characteristics, this also helps titanium plate to be wildly accepted.


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