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The corrosion resistance of stainless steel elbow

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-21 11:25

The stainless steel elbow’s most significant features are convenient installation, smooth inner wall, long service life, acid and alkali resistance, and small heat medium flow resistance.

As for weak corrosion resistant medium (such steam, water, air, etc), and eroded chemical medium anti-corrosion steel, they also be called as stainless acid-resisting steel. In the practical application, the weak corrosion resistant steel elbow which can be called as stainless steel pressing elbow may not always bear the chemical medium’s corrosion. However, the acid-resistant steel which can bear the chemical corrosion medium is always possesses the rustless property.

The stainless steel elbow’s corrosion resistance is determined by its alloying element. The basic element is chromium. When the chromium content reaches to 1.2%, then it will militate with the erosion medium’s oxygen, and forms a very thin layer of oxide film- sub-passive film which will avoid the steel to be further eroded. Different stainless steel elbows have different production processes, and the fittings will conduct the production and machining according to certain condition, but in the different elbow machining process, there still have some notes.

The stainless steel elbow which contains the chromium is easy to be processed and manufactured, because this type of stainless steel elbows has the mechanical strength and high extensibility.

Generally, all the metals will respond to the atmosphere’s oxygen, and form the oxidation film protection on the surface. As for the ferric oxide which is formed by the common carbon steel, the corrosion will enlarge, and finally erodes to be the hole. So mostly we will use the oil paint or other oxidation resistant metals to conduct the surface electroplating to protect the carbon steel. However, this protection is just a surface’s thin film.



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