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Shanghai Huaxia win the 2012 London Olympic Titanium project

Date:2011-05-09 10:55
April 20th, 2011, with the departure of the vessel which carried the Titanium sheet made in shanghai, As the present of Chinait is the first time that Huaxia Titanium sheet will be used in the building of the 2012 London Olympic . Titanium sheet is rarely used in the building ,in China , there are only two Opera theatre ---The National Grand Theatre and HangZhou Theatre but the two projects were all bided by the companies from Japan .The 2012 London Olympic games,  which is the focus of world attention , it is really should be honored when the Chinese enterprise-Huaxia won the projectnot only for its country , but also for itself . Huaxia ,as the professional manufacture in Chinese titanium industry ,even in the world ,has concentrated in titanium producing for many years .To such excellent achievement also efforted by all Huaxia staffs .Hope ShangHai HuaXia could lead the Chinese Titanium industry higherfaster and stronger

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