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The Machining of Titanium Plate and Titanium Rod

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-08-26 10:32

This article below is mainly about some tips the machining of titanium sheet and titanium rod:

1. Titanium is an active metal. When the temperature reaches 6001, titanium will easily combine with oxygen in the air. As a result, generally titanium is not suggested to be used in such high temperature within a long period.

2. When titanium contacts with other metals or itself, it has a highly-sticking tendency, higher than stainless steel, so machining technology and the designs of thread and bearing surface should be improved immediately.

3. The softer pure titanium sheet in the industry will easily get cold-forming after annealing, whereas the harder pure titanium sheet and IMI230 need to be machined in moderate temperature. As for IMI318, it better be machined between 600-700.

4. Oxygen is faster than Hydrogen when they are spreading in titanium. Therefore, before thermal machining, heating furnaces should be within oxidation atmosphere. Although this will result in a small amount of thin oxidation scales, it avoids the deep pollution Hydrogen gives to titanium.

5. Titanium is easy for machining, but its sticking tendency must be considered and its low thermal conductivity is an attention, too. Hence, rigid machine tools and sharp knives will be used slowly and cut in large pieces and materials have the room to be chip-removed. At the same time, a huge amount of chilling lubricants shall be used.

6. Mixed sheet could be obtained by explosive welding between thin titanium sheet and thick steel sheet. The sheet can be used to make high-pressure and high-temperature containers and thermal exchangers. But it is not economically reasonable to let it take the place of the overall titanium and the suit of titanium under some not very busy circumstances.

7. For the time being there are no actual good ways to smear liquid titanium onto metal bottoms by flame spraying and electroplate.


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