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Several Connection Types of Valves and Introductions

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-05-08 11:14

There are various of connection types of valves. In this article we will introduce several connection types of valves to you.

1Connect by welding

This connection way means that two ends of the valve should be processed into butt welding groove according to the demands of butt welding, then be fixed on the pipeline by welding. So-called socket weld means that two ends of valves should be processed according to the demands of socket weld and be connected with the pipeline by socket weld.

2 Connect by Flanges

This connection way means that flanges at the two ends of the valve correspond to flanges connecting pipes and they are fixed by bolts. This way is most frequently used.

3Connect by clamps.

This is a quick way of connection. It only needs two clamps. This way is suitable for low pressure valve which needs to be detached frequently.

4 Connect by Threads

This way is frequently used in small valves and is an easy and convenient way of connection. Its theory is that the valves are processed according to the standard of threads including internal threads and external threads, then correspond to threads in the pipeline to connect.

5Connect by wafer

Wafer way means that valves with uaually location hole are fixed in the middle of two flanges and are clipped with pipelines at the two ends of the valve by bolts.

6 Connect by card sleeve

This way has develped in our country since this year. Its theory is that when nuts are screwed, the card sleeve will embed its blade in the outer surface of the pipe, then the conical surface of the card sleeve will be connected closely with the conical surface inside the joint to avoid leaking.

7 Connect by Tightening himself inside

This way is different from the above several ways because it doesn’t use external force to neutralize medium pressure to achieve the goal of sealing but achieve this goal by letting medium pressure tightening himself. Seal ring of tightening himself is placed ouside the internal centrum and forms a certain angle with the side opposite to the medium. In this way, the medium pressure is passed to internal centrum and then passed to the seal ring, forming two devided force on the conical surface in a certain angle. One force parallels outwards with centre line of the valve, the other pushes towards the internal surface of the valve. The latter force is so-called self-tightening force. Its relationship with the medium pressure is when the medium pressure becomes heavier, the self-tightening force will be stronger. That is why tightening himself is frequently used in high pressure valves.

The connection ways above are several common valve connection types. Besides these types, there are still many other connection ways, such as the way that welding pipelines with small valves which doesn’t need to be detached or the way that welding nonmedal valves by socket type connection etc.


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