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Nickel smelting and application

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-04-03 11:23

This article mainly introduced about the application of nickel and The smelting of nickel.

First, The smelting of nickel

Nickel is usually by roasting and reduction of nickel ore raw materials, and nickel, through smelting nickel generally in more than 75% purity, according to the situation can directly used in production, with not need further purification . While some require high purity nickel, general need through the electrolytic refining or Mond method to except for purified, in order to get high purity nickel metal.

Secondly, the application of nickel.

Nickel used in casting COINS, the first pure nickel's coins appeared in 1881, and Hong Kong’s current cureency is made of nickel alloy.

Several common nickel alloy, alloy steel (such as: nickel chrome steel), and various non-ferrous metals and nickel alloy; Stainless steel (nickel composition higher copper and nickel alloy, it is not easy to corrode) and so on.

Nickel is used as coating, electroplating and production of alkaline storage battery. Nickel cadmium battery is one example.

Nickel in chemical industry, is used as a catalyst,.for example: manufacturing cyclohexane, is to use the red-hot nickel (250 ℃) as catalyst, benzene vapor and hydrogen addition reaction. Nickel can be used to make the hard disk, CD, DVD, etc.

Cupronickel made from nickel and copper alloys, can be used in the making money.


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