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The ten performance of titanium products

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-04-02 09:52

With the science and technology development and requirement, titanium products are more and more widely developed and used.

So it’s not hard to figure out titanium product’s advantage and application, here we will give a brief introduction about the titanium properties.

1.       Titanium products have a very good heat-resistant quality. The titanium alloys new type can be used above 600

2.       Titanium products have no magnetism and toxicity. In recent years, titanium products have been applied in the medical field, mainly used in the artificial bone. Because titanium is the nonmagnetic metal, so even in the big magnetic field, it will still not to be magnetized, and it has no poisonousness, and has good intermiscibility with human tissue and blood, so it can be applied in the medical field.

3.       Titanium products have high specific strength and small density, and the titanium own metal character makes it to be advantageous. It’s density is 4.51 g/cm3 which is higher than aluminum, but lower than steel, copper and nickel, but titanium’s specific strength is No.1.

4.       Titanium has a good low temperature resistance. As for the titanium alloy TA7TC4 and Ti-2.5Zr-1.5Mo, their strength can increase with the temperature’s reduction, but their plasticity has no change. Under subzero 196 & 253 so they have good ductility and tenacity. So they are also the ideal material for many cryogenic vessels and storage boxes.

5.       Titanium product’s elasticity modulus is low. Under the normal temperature, its elasticity modulus is 106.4GPa which is 57% of steel.

6.       Titanium products have strong damping resistance. When feel the vibration (include the mechanical vibration or electric vibration, the titanium has a longer fall time than steel or copper. Because of this, titanium can be used as tuning fork, ultrasonic grinding mill’s vibration components, and advanced audio speakers’ vibrating diaphragm.

7.       Titanium products have a good heat exchange performance. Thus, when compared with carbon steel or copper, titanium’s heat conductivity coefficient is much lower than them, but it has excellent corrosion-resistant property, so the titanium product’s wall thickness can be reduced a lot, and includes the surface has no scale and forms with the steam to be the dropwise condensation heat transfer way, so the thermal resistance is also reduced.

8.       Titaium product’s tensile strength and yield strength are very close. The so called yield ratio is the yield strength divided into tensile strength. Here we can see the titanium has a high yield ratio which means the titanium has a bad plastic deformation in the formation. Because of titanium’s high yield limit and elasticity modulus’s high value, so the titanium has a big resilience in the formation.

9.       Titanium products have a good breathing performance. Titanium’s chemical character is very active. Under the high temperature, titanium can be reacted with many factors and chemical compounds. Here the titanium breathing performance means the reaction with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

10.     Titanium products have a good corrosion-resistance. Although, titanium is an active metal, but it has a low equilibrium tendency, and high thermodynamics corrosion tendency. However, because of titanium and oxide has a big appetency, when there is oxygenous medium exists, in order to protect the titanium without the corrosion, the titanium surface will forms a compact layer of oxide film. So it means titanium has a strong passivation tendency. When medium is below 315, the titanium ‘s oxide film will always maintain this character. So titanium is very stable in most of the mediums. Meanwhile, in order to increase its corrosion-resistance, we also develop a lot of titanium products and surface treatments, in order to increase the oxide film’s protection.


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