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The application of titanium tube and processing technology

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-31 09:47

Titanium tube’s main feature is high strength, light quality and excellent mechanical property.

Titanium tubes are widely used in the heat exchangers which contain the column coil heat exchanger, condenser, disk tubular or shell and tube heat exchanger, evaporator, etc.

Titanium tube has been chosen as many nuclear power industry units’ standard tube. Titanium tube has the Chinese Standard and American Standard, its processing technique is:

Use the vacuum arc remelting furnace to conduct the twice melting for the selected titanium sponge, and melt it to be the titanium ingot, then use the precision forging to change the metal’s density, and form the bar material, then after the induction heating use the extruding machine to extrude the billet, finally after the billet finished the cold rolling and repeated cold machining and annealing, it will forms the titanium final product.

Before the actual using, the final products still need to pass the inspection, mainly we will use the specialized ultrasonic test equipment to do the NDT,and inspect the corresponding product’s mechanical property test and chemical component test.


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