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The main applications of nickel bar

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-26 09:34

Nickel bar has excellent corrosion resistant property. It can bear the saline alkaline, neutral solution medium, and fatty acid. Generally, the nickel bar’s surface will have a layer of corrosion-resistant oxide film, but the use procedure is still very complicated.

This article mainly introduce some main applications of nickel bar.

First, we know the nickel bar is the basic material for nickel alloy , and it is also the alloy factor of other alloy.

At present, the nickel bar’s alloy material and bar is mainly used in the components production of special application, such as the rocket technology and equipment and atomic reactor. It can also be used as the porous filter to be the catalyst, and as the nickel plate to be the corrosion resistance.

Nickel resources’ effective development and integrated utilization have always been paid great attention in various countries, and nickel bar has always be treated as the main strategic material in the national economic construction. It’s corrosion resistant property determines its application, and add the nickel bar into the alloy can also increases the corrosion resistant property. Nickel bar’s biggest application fields are stainless steel and alloy production field.



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