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Install the stainless steel elbow

Writer:DJ-samSource:CSM Date:2014-03-20 11:25

Stainless steel elbow is one kind of steel fittings, it’s chemical components can prevent the elbow from rust and corrosion. This helps to lengthen its usage period. Here we’ll talk about several aspects about elbow’s installation and cleaning:

In the first place, we should know 4 points about the installation:

First, when installing the stainless steel elbow, you should carefully check each elbow’s standard, and whether the diameter can satisfy the usage standard. Meanwhile, in order to prepare for the installation, you should clean away the residual dirt and repair all the repairable defects which are caused by transportation or other reasons.

Second, in the installation process, install the stainless steel elbow on the pipeline according to the connection type. Generally, you can install it at any place of the pipeline, but usually for inspection operation’s convenience, the stainless steel elbow‘s medium flow direction will be set at longitudinal disc’s down to up flow direction, and the elbow can only be horizontal installed. In addition, pay attention to the leak tightness, and avoid the leakage which will influence the pipeline’s normal operation.

Third, the packing gland’s bolt of stainless steel elbow can’t be pressed into slant, and it should be homogeneous tightened, in order to avoid the obstruction, damage or leakage in the valve stem operation.

Fourth, when installing the stainless steel elbow’s valve, such as the ball valve, gate valve, and the globe valve, you should take full cut-off or all-off in the operation, and don’t adjust the flow, this can avoid the sealing surface to be corroded and can suspend the corrosion. There is a back seal device in the brake valve and globe valve’s inner bucket, and you should rotate the hand wheel to the top position and tighten up, then you can avoid the medium to overflow from the packing place.

Here we’ll talk about the stainless steel elbow’s cleaning.

Generally, when cleaning the stainless steel elbow, we’ll not choose the pickling. We will choose the shot blasting, water soluble detergent, chloride solvent sandblasting or alkaline cleaning according to the elbow’s surface condition and work piece’s requirement. The correct cleaning way can not only increase the elbow’s safety, but also lengthen the elbow’s usage period. Besides, keep the dry of the welding rod. The low hydrogen type should be dried for 1 hour under 200 to 250, and the titanium calcium should be dried for 1 hour under 150.This can also avoid the welding rod to attach other dirt and influence the weldment’s quality and increases the weld joint’s carbon content.

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